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Hello, I’m Lee, the owner and creator of Scents by Mr P. Our wax melts, ideal for both tea light and electric warmers, are home made and hand poured, and we offer a range of quality fragrances to suit every taste. The wax we use is both vegan friendly and cruelty free. Snap off a segment or two from your wax bar and use in your wax warmer to create a gorgeous scent in your room.

Important Message
We are CLP compliant. Click here to view our CLP INFO (pdf) This is an EU regulation requiring companies to appropriately classify, label and package their substances and mixtures before placing them on the market. Please read the CLP information of your chosen wax bar before buying.

Never leave tea lights unattended, keep your warmer away from open windows and draughts, and keep away from children and pets. 4-hour tea lights are recommended.

As our wax melts are hand made, colours may vary from time to time.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to any designer companies or well known brands. Some of our scents simply smell similar to certain branded goods.